Every She is Golden.

I truly believe that every girl and woman should be confident but I also know that it isn't always easy. We all have insecurities and flaws and I know for some it is a a struggle to wake up and confidently walk through life. That is why my main goal is to help remind girls and women that they are worth it. I want them to know they didn't earn their worth, but yet they were BORN with it. The Golden Lotus project is not your average brand. Every piece of merchandise, every workshop and  every community initiative focuses on creating confident girls and women.

When I first started The Golden Lotus Project in 2014, It began with 24 Days of Giving, a feminine hygiene product drive, as a way to give back instead of receiving gifts. I chose menstruation hygiene and the taboo word "periods" because  that is one area where girls and women feel the least confident about themselves. This occurs as a result of the stigma society has created. I wanted girls and women to know that they indeed mattered and have no reason to hesitate feeling confident. I had no idea this simple project would grow into an actual brand with the ability to reach so many. However, I could not be more happy or blessed to have created a platform and a voice for others.

I welcome you to shop with us, interact with us and go on this Journey with us as we grow. Remember no matter your age, every she is golden.

with love,

Moriah Akrong

Founder, The Golden Lotus Project